Month: July 2016


SUN ‘ N Portugal !!!

Portugal’s great friend the Sun! Summertime is here to stay, the temperatures are ideal, the living is easy. You are all invited to come and experience it with us.

Qualcomm asks PSP: Why wait?

The need: Produce a sleek futuristic commercial, while staying within a tight schedule and budget.   The solution: Use local Portuguese production resources, such as a robotics company, which are most competitive in terms of pricing.   The scoop: Qualcomm, a technology company, needed 3…

Solid Dogma asks PSP: who are you?

PSP worked with Solid Dogma to align their brand with the essence of who they are. Patricia Lino, PSP Managing partner:  “The new visual identity expresses PSP’s unique ability to bring dreams to life: the taste for the unexpected, the sense of humor, the human…

Romantic Portugal

Cascais Bay Portugal is in the headlines after its team’s victory at the Euro 2016 soccer championships, but the country itself contains far greater depth as a travel destination, with many surprises and various places to see. Portugal may seem like any other country in…

Portugal: Europe’s best-kept foodie secret

Source: CNN (CNN)Portuguese cuisine rarely travels well. The cooking of mainland Europe's westernmost country is deeply rooted in the freshest local ingredients. Superlative seafood, sun-ripened fruit, lamb raised on flower-speckled meadows, free-range pigs gorging on acorns beneath oak forests.Without them, it just doesn't taste the…

22 reasons to make Portugal your next holiday destination

Source: The Telegraph 1. The football Portugal’s unexpected victory at Euro 2016 will ignite interest in a sport that already enjoys semi-religious status across the country. There are bountiful opportunities to watch a game, but for something special head to Estádio Municipal de Braga, a stadium…
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