PSP to Rep 8 Handpicked TV Commercial Directors

PatriciaPSP is pleased to introduce eight directors that have been handpicked for work in the Asian market. “The directors we are representing all understand an important principle: a good TV director is hired to create a commercial, and not a piece of art. By definition, “commercial” means making or intended to make a profit.”, says Patricia Lino, CEO of PSP.

Every commercials director has a vision when it comes to a production. And this vision can lead to wildly different end products. The body of work of the PSP directors is relevant to Asian production in terms of performances, use of music, on-screen messaging, and the overall feel of the advert. Not only have they been exposed in Portugal to the global productions flowing in, but they all have experience in shooting abroad, as well as international training.

At the treatment stage, the PSP directors take a scene-by-scene approach to how they will tackle the commercial. This is their chance to show the client how passionate they are about the project, to demonstrate the care and attention they will take in bringing it to life. Finally, they are team players. They will take charge but are equally open to suggestions to refine the end product. In their spare time, they play music, this skill clearly adding to their sense of pace and sequence, or explore composition and visual styles by photographing their world. Patricia Lino sees a bright future in PSP’s collaboration with each of these directors, and their particular area of expertise.

André F. Martins – Tabletop

Tabletop shoots allow André F. Martins the opportunity to play god in a small, contained universe. He can exercise total control, and often resorts to slow motion to add beauty and poetry to this microcosm of liquids, particles, magma, vapor and smoke. As long as the physical laws are respected, he can indulge his dedication to quality and his artistic touch.


fred2Fred Miranda – Telecommunications, dairy

Over the course of an impressive directing career started at the fresh age of 21, director Fred Miranda has developed his own, provocative style. A dynamic storyteller with over 100 films under his belt, he delivers epic scope films with hyper real detail and ebullient color that strike for good the audience’s imagination. Recently, he’s brought his innovative approach to his documentary about Kazuo Dan, the Japanese writer who knew Portugal intimately. In all his films, Fred likes to surprise the viewer … and himself too.


mario_patrocinio2Mario Patrocinio – documentary, real people

Mário is a devoted storyteller known for his cinematic, raw and emotive human portraits across film, documentary, commercials and branded content. Moving to Japan as a child prompted him to want to tell stories, to explore other people’s
realities. He spent three years living in rough conditions in Brazil to make a documentary about the slums. Telling a carefully crafted story with an engaging cinematic aesthetic is what defines Mario, as well as his spontaneous and emotional approach to directing actors.


mario_viaes2Mário Viães – People

Mario Viaes likes to get the most out of actors, whether they’re model, character or street cast. He also likes to work with actors that come from theater, they have a different background and tend to pull scenes well. Mario has the knack for turning brilliantly observed human nature into engaging scenes, whether with a humorous twist or pure
emotions. When casting is perfect, brands can reach out, through Mario’s intercession, to people’s feelings, tastes, experience. To their hearts.


miguelMiguel Coimbra – Fashion and storytelling

For director Miguel Coimbra, filmmaking is about making an impact on the audience. He aims at making his pieces memorable either through his highly stylized visuals, or thanks to strong characterization. He draws his inspiration from many sources: the lighting of Rembrandt, the energy of Renaissance paintings, documentaries, history, magazines. While he finds working internationally most appealing, production in Portugal is rewarding because of the foreign talent, cast and crew, who have moved here, attracted by the plentiful work.


paulo2Paulo Henriques – Cars, animal, postprod

Director Paulo Henriques tends to resort to nature for inspiration. While he enjoys working with animals, and has gotten used to their idiosyncrasies, he has also made himself a name with his innovative work in 3D animation combined with live action. Born and raised in South Africa where he studied, Paulo
worked first as an editor, before he broke onto the directing field where his postprod background enhanced his vision as he shoots.


salomao2Salomão Figueiredo – Drinks, telecommunications

Salomão’s originality is apparent in the innovative methods he designs to bring to the screen an elusive matter, the human emotion. Communicating with his key creatives through music, shaping the actors’ performances in improvisational workshops, drawing visual inspiration from real stories on social media have helped him deliver this most desirable of outcomes: authentic films that move the audience.


telmoTelmo Vicente – Live action and visual storytelling

Director Telmo Vicente has a natural ability for storytelling and capturing tone in a dynamic, yet nuanced style. His process is to focus primarily on the script in order for the story to fly, with a preference for technically challenging and visually ambitious projects.